MILLIONS OF CHILDREN IN REPRESSIVE COUNTRIES like Burma, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh know all too well the grim reality of persecution, fear, and poverty. Unless someone intervenes on their behalf, many will remain trapped in the same vicious cycle as they grow into adulthood. CFI chooses to make a long-term investment in the lives of these children through our Child Sponsorship program, where they are provided with food, medical care, and educational opportunities.

CFI partners with caring donors who have pledged to regularly provide for the physical and spiritual needs of suffering children. Donors may correspond with their sponsored children through letter writing, offering prayers and encouragement for them and their families. Your pledge of monthly support will help CFI to continue to make a difference in the lives in these young victims of Christian persecution.

HELP BREAK THE CYCLE OF ILLITERACY in the Pakistani brickyards and provide a child the tools they need for a better future. You can become a sponsor and a friend to a Christian child in a brickyard in Pakistan.

Your sponsorship of $35 a month will ensure that your sponsored child will receive educational support, clothes, medical care, food, and other daily essentials. It will give a brickyard Christian child a chance for a better future.

Most importantly, each child in this brickyard will see God’s love through the compassionate touch of a sponsor like you.