VICTIMIZED BY “BLASPHEMY LAWS”, “FORCED CONVERSIONS”, and accusations of preaching, Pakistani Christians have been forced into exodus from Pakistan. Christian homes and churches have been bombed in Pakistan, and Christians are seeking asylum in countries such as Thailand.

But the Thai government views them as illegal immigrants and could deport them back to Pakistan. In fact, Thai police have arrested hundreds of Pakistani Christians, including children, for being illegal immigrants even though they already have interviews scheduled with the UNCHR. They are forced to live in limbo, as “Urban Refugees”, while they await their asylum hearings which can take years.

PRAYERFULLY CONSIDER BECOMING A FRIEND to a Pakistani Christian “Urban Refugee” family in Bangkok through a sponsorship of $100 per month. Your friendship with a persecuted Christian family will provide for their most basic, lifesaving needs. You may communicate with the family you sponsor through monthly correspondence.

Suggested Donation $100